California Knows How to Party

It’s been less than 24 hours since I touched down, but I’m already having a great time in California – despite the weather reminding me a lot more of upstate New York than I’d ideally like.  Also, I may or may not have had California Love stuck in my head for the entire day.  I will probably be singing it during the race tomorrow so um … you’re welcome, people running around me.

I showed up late last night early this morning to the best welcome message I have ever received in my whole entire life.

Yeah, those are swedish fish.  Related: Laura is the best.
Yeah, those are swedish fish. Related: Laura is the best.

Today involved a 3 mile shakeout run, hitting up the expo, and a lot of food.  Which are pretty much the staples of any really good day.  Sacramento is really a beautiful place.

Palm trees! Sunshine!
Palm trees! Sunshine!


Heading into Old Town


Down by the water.
Down by the water.


Oh crap, I'm running another marathon
Oh crap, I’m running another marathon



Race Goals

After a stress fracture scare during taper, and not giving myself a chance to fully recover from hip bursitis, I really only want to finish this thing feeling strong.  I do think I am pretty close to running a BQ, but it won’t be this race.  I am going to go for a PR, and I hope that I will be able to prove to myself that my fitness has improved since March.

I plan on starting with the 3:45 pace group and sticking with them through at least mile 11.  At that point, if I’m feeling like it’s a cakewalk, I’ll start picking it up.  I am trying hard to run a solid negative split and feel strong during the last few miles.  I won’t lie – the closer I can get to 3:40, the happier I’ll be overall – but I’m really not tying the success criteria of this race to an overall time.

I am going to go out and have a blast running a marathon because I’m lucky enough to be able to.  See ya on the other side!