Planning, planning, planning.  Sometimes I think I actually enjoy the planning and anticipation of events (be it races, vacations, holidays, etc) than the actual events themselves.  I love seeing a busy calendar and the promise of adventures on the horizon. Needless to say, I’ve been in a state of perma-giddiness over the past week or so as Laura and I have been texting back and forth trying to get our plans for NYC settled.

I’m not sure when we floated the idea, but over the entire summer at the very least we’ve been talking about going down to cheer on Hollie in the NYCM.  Weeks of “can’t wait for NYC!” turned into “holy shit, we should probably like … book a hotel or make some sort of concrete plans.”  And now, here it is, our plans mostly finalized with nothing to do but get through this work week and get ready to have a friggin’ blast.

On the list of activities?  A long run out to and around Central Park, doing all the mandatory cheesy tourist stuff, making epic race signs and figuring out a spectating plan, hopefully meeting up with a college friend of mine, eating all the food, cheering all the cheers.  If you’re going down for the marathon to race or otherwise, I hope to see your lovely smiling shiny face there.  SO excited.


Here’s where I’ll come clean and say this isn’t the only reason Laura and I have been texting fervently back and forth to solidify plans…


We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number 1
California, here we come


(All credit to Laura for the Phantom Planet relate, but since she posted it, I a) can’t get that song out of my head and b) have a really strong desire to watch season 1 of the OC.)


YES.  CIM 2013, we are coming for you.

I have no idea what this marathon attempt will be like.  It’s not really about trying to take another shot at a BQ (3:35).  In fact, a whole lot of things would have to go perfectly over the next few weeks for me to even think about going for a PR (3:45).  I just really feel like I need to run a strong marathon, and get the bad karma off my back.  I could honestly care less about my finishing time at this point; if the race was tomorrow, I’d probably shoot for 3:50-3:55 and be nothing less than thrilled if I finished feeling great.

Maybe it’s stupid to fly cross-country to not even “race” a marathon.

It probably is.

But, you only live once.  And I know that there is no possible way I will ever regret going to California and running a great race with a great friend, no matter what the time on the clock says at the end.  So game on, CIM.  Game on.


Will you be at NYCM? CIM? Tell me!  As my friend Lauren would say, I want to touch your face.

(Jk jk I won’t really touch your face … probably.)

6 thoughts

  1. I am so jealous of you and Laura. So so jealous. Well first, the only thing I see on my proper blogging technique bloglovin feed was that photo of you both. It made me giggle and smile. I cannot wait to see you guys! Though I really hope it’s for more then a brief second!

    Second I hope the CIM goes super well for you. You seriously deserve it after all the crap weather that has occurred around these parts.

  2. I’m legit peeing my pants laughing at the graphics here. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! and now that you went public with CIM I can stop referring to my mysterious friend (I’m pretty sure people thought I was making you up).

    So many freaking shenanagins coming up. I can’t contain my excitement.

  3. This is such a fun post with the graphics. Like you said, you will not regret going to California. It’s probably my favorite warm-weathered state and it’s simply gorgeous. Have fun and enjoy the run =)

    1. Thank you! I figure worst case scenario, I get to hang out in California for a weekend, and who can complain about that?!

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